Blockchain Monster Hunt Guide

Blockchain Monster Hunt Guide

Blockchain Monster Hunt Guide (BCMHunt guide)

A drastic increase has been observed in the popularity of Blockchain and NFT games in the recent era. On the contrary, none of these games succeeded in incorporating an entire on-chain experience and a completely decentralized ecosystem. In addition, the former attributes are the essential essence of a blockchain game.

Blockchain Monster Hunt broke the market stereotypes and became the first game to run entirely on Blockchain by incorporating a decentralized ecosystem and an entire on-chain experience. The game started with a vision to serve as the next breakthrough in the industry of cryptocurrency. Moreover, the company aims to support various other like-minded projects and pioneers in this field of interest. In addition, this game is essentially inspired by the Pokémon-GO game. It allows the players to continuously discover new frames on the Blockchain to battle and hunt monsters. A certain number of monsters of the same rarity and gene can exist on each block on the Blockchain as it is considered a unique digital space. The game enables collectors and players to battle or hunt for an exclusive opportunity to earn coins by capturing these unique monsters.

When a new block is witnessed on the Blockchain, it indicates that a new monster is born. The digital fingerprint of the block known as a block hash is unique and provides varying skills to the monsters. However, it is nearly impossible to pre-determine the skills of a monster or the location it will appear at before it is born. The universe of BlockChain Monster Hunt broadens and flourishes along with the Blockchain. Since the game allows no one to determine a block hash before the birth of a block- transparency is maintained and allows no one, including game developers, to control the world of monsters.

Blockchain Monster Hunt first became tradable on Oct 15th, 2021, when it had an entire supply of 1,000,000,000. It has now reached a total of USD 2,247,381,342.4 market capitalization. In addition, Blockchain Monster Hunt currently ranks 791 on Coinmarketcap and incorporates a recent price of $2.25. Unlike other forms of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Monster Hunt cannot directly be purchased through fiats money. The method to acquire this coin is to first proceed by getting Ethereum for fiat-to-crypto exchanges. This is followed by looking for an exchange that offers to trade this coin along with transferring it. This article will walk you through the essentials you need to know about Blockchain Monster Hunt and the best way to kick start your journey on this blockchain game.

What Makes This Game Special

Blockchain Monster Hunt encourages players to interact by offering an exclusive and thrilling experience as they play BCMH on multiple chains. For instance, Only Ethereum features Water Elemental Monsters, while Binance Smart Chain includes Fire Elemental Monsters. If any player wishes to cool down Fire Elemental Monsters by using Water Elemental Monsters in battle, they must transfer or trade the respective monsters across the blockchains.

A revolutionary and exclusive in-house technology that incorporates a cross-chain portal facilitates multichain trading in the game. This attribute enables the reach of this game to expand drastically to various crypto communities and, in turn, goes a long way to support widespread and easy adoption. Moreover, this cross-chain feature offered by BCMH provides equal participating opportunities to players of various financial backgrounds due to the varying fees of transaction gas between chains. Plus, players have the free option to either opt for expensive chains like Ethereum or go for a low-fee chain if they are cost-sensitive players. Not only this, the game ensures fairness in all aspects for players who opt for gas fees that are different.

Another mechanism is exclusively incorporated for supporting cost-sensitive players, an EVM, an in-house chain commonly known as Ambros, which works to provide a low and gas fee environment and test brand new crypto gaming technologies. This strategy in itself is evidence of BCMH's mission to make the game accessible to everyone and anyone.

The Drastic Revolution

Crypto games continue to top the trend bar as they incorporate the essential play-to-earn feature, taking it to the next step in Blockchain Monster Hunt. This game also offers unique features and innovative mechanisms for player rewards, all thanks to the comprehensive on-chain NFT technology that BCMH incorporates. For the Beginners guide to Blockchain Monster Hunt, you need to be educated on some splendid features concerning Blockchain Monsters, which are enlisted below:

  • Players hunt for these Monsters on the Blockchain.
  • The Blockchain determines their characters, and they appear on multiple chains at certain blocks.
  • Similar to bitcoin mining, the game includes a difficulty mechanism that essentially controls the demand and supply of various Monsters. The game incorporates a feature to avoid overpopulation which works by burning Monsters down majorly during battles.
  • All chains in the game work through a marketplace that enables the players to sell and buy Monsters


  • To get assistance in the hunt for new monsters, the game enables players to transfer various Monsters across chains when they wish to use them in battles.

The Blockchain Monster Coin

The essential Blockchain Monster hunt guide cannot conclude without the mention of certain features concerning Blockchain Monster Coin, which are labeled below:

  • This has a use as a governance coin for BCMH games and as a significant in-game currency.
  • Almost all activities in the game rely on Blockchain Monster Coin for their execution. For instance, you may significantly increase the probability when it comes to catching monsters through their use, along with paying for trading fees through them. The Blockchain Monster Coin is also used to protect your Monsters through purchasing the insurance and, in turn, preventing NFT burn battles. Plus, you may stake to mine BCMC through them.
  • Stakers use blockchain Monster Coin to govern various changes concerning the game. Priority is exclusively given to the stakers when it comes to trying new features out.
  • Moreover, you can earn Bitcoin Monster Coin through various battles. Based on game difficulty level, the reward amount is accordingly adjusted-which is quite similar to mining bitcoins.

Features That Make It Unique

The following rundown provides an insight into the features that make Blockchain Monster Hunt unique.

  • It allows you to partake in epic battles against monsters and gain multiple rewards in the universe of Blockchain Monster Hunt. This attribute makes this game an exciting thriller.
  • The unpredictability of Blockchain Monster Hunt is what further adds to its uniqueness. You can never pre-determine the type and location of new monsters as it wholly depends on the new blocks' generation in the game blockchain. This only leaves one way to get your hands on new monsters: to catch them during the in-game battles and hunt for them.
  • The Interoperability of this game further makes it a great one. It enables you to opt for the blockchain network for a respective game and later move the Blockchain Monster Hunt token without relying on third-party services.

Investing In The Game

According to the creators of Blockchain Monster Hunt, this game will attract even more attention and player’s due to the adopted technology of multichain gaming. Additionally, the team of BCMH is planning to further support this endeavor by launching more projects that incorporate the same mindset.

Moreover, an in-house EVM chain called Ambros was created by the BMH developers, which further makes it an excellent investment. This technology goes a far way to reduce transaction fees significantly and, in turn, attract more investors and players.

The Difficulty Level

Based on demand and supply, the game difficulty level is adjusted accordingly by a unique, completely on-chain mechanism that the Blockchain Monster Hunt game incorporates. Furthermore, similar to the mining of bitcoin, this technology increases the game's difficulty level on the addition of hashrate to the BCMH network.

If you get your hands on the game, you'll probably have no potential issues, and Blockchain Monsters will be pretty easy for you to battle and catch due to the initial BCMH launch. The difficulty level will progressively increase as you acquire more monsters and mine more Blockchain Monster Coins on a particular chain. In addition, the game's difficulty level may also be adjusted as monsters are burnt or lost in the Blockchain or trapped as they fall in battle.

What Are Blockchain Monsters

The Blockchain Monster Hunt incorporates the best monsters born from the Blockchain and collected by Blockchain defenders. The history that led to the discovery of Blockchain monsters dates back to September 2021 when a team of developers started working on a project to analyze the cryptographic hash fashions incorporated by various blockchains. The purpose of executing the former project in the first place was to find solutions to boost transaction efficiency and speed.

However, the project ended upon the discovery of something far beyond their imaginations. They concluded that there are certain living species that exist solely on the Blockchain and are rapidly evolving. The team then collected various top-notch Blockchain develops and scientists who got on an emergency meeting to conclude their discoveries. Following the meeting, a conclusion was made that some creatures, namely monsters, are continuously being born on every new generation of blocks. Moreover, each such Monster was unique in its attributes and incorporated different sounds. Similar to human DNA or fingerprints, each of these monsters possessed a unique digital fingerprint of their own.

The observations did not end here-the monsters appeared to move and jump or hop to be able to join a new blockchain. The scientists performed deep analysis concerning their observations and reached a conclusion to divide these monsters into 500 categories. They also attempted reverse engineering on the pictures of the observed species using binary data incorporated in the block hash. The scientists further produced an emergency by alerting all the related blockchains that could potentially be at the risk of these monsters. The plan to combat such monsters was to empower as many nations as possible to fight back and thus defend the universe of Blockchain.

Such fighters were termed Blockchain defenders, and they worked on a mission to protect the blockchain universe and make the ecosystem more stable. The reason behind the execution of this plan was also to ensure the protection of friendly and innocent Blockchain monsters. The scientists built an exclusive glove that enabled the defenders to perform direct interaction with the Blockchain to hunt the monsters and eradicate the evil monsters off the Blockchain by battling them. Plus, the glove enabled blockchain defenders to maintain stability on all blockchains by relocating the monsters who are displaced onto their appropriate chains. On the contrary, the monster count exceeds the defenders, and more blockchain defenders are required to preserve the blockchain universe. For this reason, you should join the universe of Blockchain as a defender to ensure its protection. 

Monster Attributes

It is equally significant for beginners to get their hands on the know-how of various monster attributes to ace the game.

Classes Of Monsters

The monsters are divided into three classes which are commonly known as the species of monsters.

  • Genesis species: The species of monsters that are pre-mined are termed genesis species.
  • Wild species: The monsters that are directly caught from the chain are termed wild species.
  • Artificial species: This species of monsters is produced through genetic engineering by merging certain monsters of high levels. The monsters to merge are carefully selected, keeping rare traits in view. This strategy is pretty similar to a breeding system that plenty of other games follow.

Species Of Monsters

There is an undefined number of artificial monster species, while 500 wild species of monsters are known to have invaded the Blockchain. The monsters under the same species class commonly share the same elemental type, battle abilities, appearance, and rarity.

Genus Of Monsters

The species of wild monsters are categorized into 50 genus groups, each of which includes ten species of monsters. All species of a particular genus have a common rarity as the genus-group determines rarity. In addition, a high genus number gives rise to a rare monster.

  • Genus number 1-7 indicates common rarity, and the frequency of appearance ranges from a few times to an hour.
  • Genus number 8-20 indicates uncommon rarity, and the frequency of appearance ranges from a few hours to a day.
  • Genus number 21-30 indicates rare rarity, and the frequency of appearance ranges from a few days to a month.
  • Genus number 31-40 indicates epic rarity, and the frequency of appearance ranges from a few months to a year.
  • Genus number 41-46 indicates legendary rarity, and the frequency of appearance is up to 7 years,
  • Genus number 47-50 indicates mythic rarity, and the frequency of appearance is up to 25 years.

Elemental Type Of Monsters

A total of 10 elemental types have been discovered in monsters: Earth, Fire, Electric, Ice, Water, Dark, Air, Light, Neutral, and Spirit. Each Monster occupies one primary elemental type.

Sound Of Monster

Generally speaking, monsters from the very same species incorporate similar sounds. However, each Monster has its unique sound. A difference is usually observed in the sounds of monsters as they increase in their levels.

Origin Block

Wild monsters are those that are caught from the Blockchain itself. In addition, origin block refers to the block where a monster was initially being linked.

Origin Chain

The blockchain monster hunt game incorporates various chains, and the origin chain is referred to as the chain where a monster was caught.


A higher perfection rate results in stronger monsters even if the monsters are at the same level and belong to one species.


The level of monsters in the blockchain monster hunt game generally commences from 1 and can reach 100.

Battle Stats

An important role it played in the battle by battle stats. In addition, they are subject to an increase whenever monsters improve on their levels.

Battle Power

The average of all battle stats is termed as the battle power, and it indicates the overall power of a specific monster.

Genesis Species

Genesis species refers to blockchain monsters that are pre-mined and are originated from the universe of Blockchain. Furthermore, the genesis species was the first generation to appear, and every Monster in this series incorporates distinct features and personalities.

Original Monsters

Genesis monsters are those that cannot be created or caught since they are one of their kind. In addition, these monsters have stemmed from Artificial and wild blockchain monster species. If genesis monsters are subjected to burnt as a result of a particular battle, they become extinct as they are unique and do not ever return to life.

Staking Pool

Genesis monsters incorporate their own separated staking pool that works exclusive of the entire blockchain universe. This allows no other species of monsters to share the exact staking pool as genesis monsters.

Utilized In Gene Engineering

If we date back to history, genesis species are the monsters that have received the title of being the ancestors of the entire universe of Blockchain. For this reason, these monsters are crucial to produce new species of monsters through genetic engineering. If genesis monsters disappear from the blockchain universe, players would be unable to create their own artificial monsters.


Similar to every other Monster in the universe of Blockchain, genesis monsters can feasibly take part in game battles along with other monsters. In addition, these monsters also provide support to players by helping them catch several other monsters. This makes genesis monsters the essential all-in-one as they can help you do anything ranging from taking part in an exclusive staking pool to breeding new monsters.

Genus 1 Of Genesis

The first genesis genus includes various monsters, and it is essential to be educated on all of them.

  • Gemma: This is a tiny and brave monster that aims to turn into a knight someday to protect other defenders and monsters when it becomes solid and extensive.
  • Kouri: This Monster has a sharp ice-like appearance and is seen protruding right through the snow. It is probably indulged in a hide and seek game at the moment, and it is potentially better not to blow its cover off.
  • Steinn: This Monster is known to collect pebbles of nearly all sizes and shapes. Additionally, Steinn from the blockchain universe is proud of its hoard made of a pebble.
  • Geode: This blockchain monster doesn't appreciate the presence of visitors much and is known to have a rock-like appearance. You might experience a hail of rocks thrown at you if you attempt to get close to this Monster.
  • Lektra: Lektra has an electrifying personality and a sharp in her eyes and is potentially ready to experience anything.
  • Age: This Monster may have a relatively small appearance, but it is pretty famous for its ambition. It is probably here to produce significant waves in the universe of Blockchain, and you need to watch out!
  • Kazemi: This Monster usually appears as a blowing storm or potential wind whisper.
  • Flamingo: This blockchain monster is relatively high on energy levels and can go all day long without a noticeable decrease in its energy levels.
  • Drakis: His pretty and sharp horns make drakis proud of its appearance. The Monster ensures to polish its horns throughout the day to maintain its sparkle and shine.
  • Michael: This Monster is irritated and not ready for exploration and battles as it prefers to just relax and chill throughout the day.
  • Animal: This blockchain monster has a better shine than all-stars in the sky. Moreover, it has gained popularity as the prettiest Monster in the blockchain universe.

Genus 2 Of Genesis:

The genus 2 of genesis also incorporates some monsters which are fun to know and learn about.

  • Gritter: This Monster is well-known for its ambition to turn into a knight and slay in the blockchain universe.
  • Kosti: Kousti generally hides behind bushes and attempts to catch you when you are least aware of its existence.
  • Steinar: This pebble monster is known to approach you with a stomping sound. It is assumed that Steiner wants to increase its pebble collection and is therefore searching for even more pebbles.
  • Global: This blockchain monster lives by one wish, which is solitude. It wants not to be disturbed and always be left on its own as it is not bothered by humans or monsters.
  • Lektrann: Lektrann is quite known for its mischievous streak to spark trouble. It can often be found trying to cause problem for other monsters.
  • Aguila: This Monster is there to simply provide a way out for monsters that have lost their way from the blockchain universe. Aguila guides them through the guiding wave of her hand and brings them back home.
  • Kazerios: This blockchain monster is known to blow things out and away, whether your laundry or your books.
  • Flares: Flares is a burning monster of the blockchain universe and is always up for battles or parties. It just wants to indulge in everything that could invite fun.
  • Draken: The favorite hobby of this Monster is just to shine its wings and polish its horns.
  • Lichtelus: This blockchain monster refrains from strenuous activities, ranging from exploring to battles. Moreover, lichtelus just loves to relax through its life.
  • Animus: The style is taken to the absolute next level with animur. You need to be really careful in front of this Monster and not insinuate the looks of another monster to be better than the animur. The former action may otherwise put you in great danger.

Blockchain Timeline

The Blockchain monster hunt exclusively introduces the concept of a blockchain timeline. In addition, the game timeline includes four types of blocks, and every block on the chain is mapped explicitly to one of them according to the block hash. Learn about the types of blocks on the Blockchain below:

Catch Block:

Players may feasibly catch a blockchain monster if it appears in this block. The game difficulty level and block hash determine how easy it is to catch and the Monster in the catch block.

Battle Block:

If a monster appears in the battle block, players can easily use it to battle and, in turn, fetch Blockchain Monster Coin. Similarly, the game difficulty level and block hash are used to determine how strong the appearing Monster will be along with its type.

Commercial Block:

The commercial block is used to distribute rewards to the players; For instance, a partner airdrops an NFT or a token that provides the opportunity to be fetched for free.

Cool Down Block:

CooldownCooldown block on blockchain monster hunt incorporates no specific actions as they are used only to balance the speed of various blockchains. Jumping on these blocks restricts players from taking a potential action. For instance, there will be more frequent cooldowncooldown blocks on BSC than there will potentially be on ETH. The reason is that a relatively faster mining of blocks is performed on BSC.

Based on game growth and chain type, the distribution of each block type is accordingly adjusted. For instance, if too many monsters are caught in the game, the frequency of catch blocks appearing will decrease while the frequency of cooldown blocks will increase accordingly.

How To Play

The blockchain monster hunt game is relatively easy for players to comprehend and is based on 4 simple steps. In addition, you no longer need to browse the internet for concerns such as "How to earn money on Blockchain Monster hunt," as it is made significantly more accessible and more uncomplicated. Refer to the following steps to start earning money through BCMH:

-Connect your wallet through walletconnect or metamask

-Select a blockchain that you wish to play on

-Buy NFT monsters from the marketplace or hunt them on the timeline

-Battle your monsters to earn rewards and tokens


All About The Catch Blocks

The catch blocks are an essential component in the beginners guide to blockchain monster hunt. We will shed a thorough light on catch blocks here.

Monster Species:

The block hash exclusively determines the species of monsters in the game. In addition, this factor does not lie under the control of the developers of BCMH as before a particular block is mined-no one can potentially predict the block hash.

Catching Time

There is a specific catching time that is proved to be valid in the game. For instance, monsters that generally appear in the game are valid in 256 blocks, and if they are not caught, they become extinct forever.

Minimum Catching Power

Commonly known as CP, minimum catching power is the required pay amount for a player to catch a particular monster. Moreover, the scaling of the minimum catching power ranges with the genus groups of certain monsters. For instance, a high catching power will be required by monsters that are rare and so on. In addition, a periodic increase is observed in the minimum catching power based on the total population of monsters. However, it can be subjected to governance shortly. Players can also pay for catching power in terms of the chain currency.

Available Amount

Several monsters of the exact species may be available to be caught on the same catch block. However, if, in any case, the available amount is subject to a drop and reaches 0-all transactions for catching the Monster in that particular block will be reverted.

Success Rate

Not all attempts of yours to catch a blockchain monster will be subjected to success. The success rate is an essential representation of the possible chances for a monster to get caught. On the contrary, even if a specific player fails to catch a particular monster, they still have to pay the fee for catching power. Generally, the rarity of a monster holds an inverse proportion to the catching rate. For instance, the less rare a monster, the higher the catching success rate.

Catching Booster

For each of the monster species, there is a base success catching rate. An additional fee termed a "catching booster" is required by the players to pay if they wish to increase their success rate. Moreover, the achievable maximum success rate for the blockchain monster hunt that can be occupied due to paying the fee is 70%. The BCM assistant works to contribute the rest of the 30%.

Catching Requirement

To catch the Monster on the timeline, you will be required to hold a monster of a specific type. For instance, you need to have a fire monster in your portfolio if you wish to catch the ice monsters.

BCM Assistant

If you wish to increase further your chance of catching the blockchain monsters, you must send a genesis monster into the battleground. Furthermore, the Monster should accordingly match with the elemental type you require.

  • In the case of GS1 Monsters, the success rate is increased by 10%.
  • In the case of GS2 monsters, there is an increase of 20% in the success rate.

Perfection Stats And Monster Levels

The attributes of each monster vary significantly and are pretty random when it is caught. Monsters caught from the same block in the game generally belong to the same species but have different perfection levels and stats.

Difficulty Of The Blockchain World

In order to ensure a balance between supply and demand, the success rate and minimum catching power is accordingly adjusted over time.

All About The Battle Blocks

The block hash is used to determine the non-player character monster on the battle block that will battle against the opponent. The player will be allowed to opt for monsters of their order choice to join the respective battle against the NPC. In addition, one chance is given to a specific player to battle a particular monster from a given battle block.

BCMC Reward

The player is subjected to receive an amount of BCMC when their Monster defeats the NPC monsters. In addition, this reward is scaled according to the difficulty level of the blockchain world. Mining more BCMC results in less amount of BCMC rewards being gained as they both occupy an inverse relationship.

Moreover, there is a restriction on the number of players who can claim a specific reward for a particular battle block. No reward is given to any other player after the respective limit is reached.

Battle Requirement

The game works on specific requisites: a certain amount of BCMC must be held by the players if they wish to send their Monsters for blockchain battles. This is termed as the battle requirement. If a battle possesses a high BCMC reward, the battle requirement is also high. In this way, a gamified stacking mechanism is formed by the game.

Monster Experience

With each passing battle, the player's Monster will be subjected to increase inexperience. The battle results and the level difference between defender and attacker are used to determine the amount of experience gained. In addition, the level of a particular monster is defined through the complete knowledge that is earned.

Killing Rates

The player will be subjected to lost ownership of the NFT if their player is "burned" as it loses in battle. In addition, the "killing rate" determines the chance of your Monster being burnt down during a specific battle.

Battle Insurance

A player can feasibly purchase the battle insurance if they wish to prevent losing their Monster NFT. Accordingly, the insurance costs are subject to changes with time as they are based on the battle requirement and world difficulty. Moreover, the battle insurance is paid in the chain's native currency or blockchain monster coin.

Battle Logic

There are certain factors when it comes to battle logic which is as follows:

The Essential Win/Lose Condition

The battles keep taking turns unless the monsters die, and its HP drops down to 0. In order cases, if both the monsters are standing after ten turns, the one which holds a relatively higher HP is declared the winner. Moreover, if both the monsters have the same HP, the Monster that initiated the attack in the battle wins.

First Turn Advantage

The speed significantly impacts the chance of attacking the first of the two monsters through the speed ratio. In addition, a monster who has a relatively faster speed is more likely to attack first.

Elemental Type Advantage

If the attacking Monster is most potent against the elemental type of its opposing Monster, it will be subjected to a 20% bonus in its HP as it battles. Moreover, certain elemental types are resistant against other elemental types. In such cases, 30% damage is awarded to the monsters as they defend. On the contrary, some elemental types result in an HP recovery of 10% on the opponents’ part.

The Game’s Exclusive Marketplace

The blockchain monster hunt game will soon incorporate an exclusive marketplace that will sell and buy NFT's. The marketplace will hold for the following attributes:

  • No transaction fee will be needed, and a seller will only be required to sign an approval message if they wish to put a monster up for sale.
  • It is up to the seller's choice if they wish to sell the Monster NFT with Blockchain Monster Coin or with the native currency.
  • It will allow the seller to indicate a respective time for expiry concerning their listing. Moreover, the listing will automatically be cleared from the games marketplace if no offers are made within the separate expiry time.
  • In order to buy a particular listed item, the buyer will be required to make a transaction.
  • A seller will be required to make a transaction if they wish to cancel their listing before the mentioned expiry.

The marketplace will be entirely isolated at the initial launch and will be segregated through all other chains. This indicates that selling and buying would only be allowed at a particular blockchain. The team is also planning to launch a cross-chain marketplace in the long term. Moreover, this marketplace will exclusively serve the assets of Blockchain Monster Coin. It helps significantly create an integrated platform that will provide the lowest possible fee for trading in the entire industry.

The standard currencies that will be incorporated are the specific marketplace chain currency and the blockchain monster coin. Moreover, a VIP tier fee discount will exclusively be offered to the holders of Blockchain monster coins. When moving the NFT across certain chains, on-chain techniques will be used to facilitate the transport layers needed for data transfer significantly.