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The best Esports cryptocurrency

Esports has gathered a massive following in the recent past due to its gradual, continuous, and growing process. In this regard, an individual should be observant and keen to find the right currency to game with. Many barriers arise from utilizing flat currencies for esports thus;, esport cryptocurrency is recommended. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies are preferred in betting due to several reasons. These reasons include; Faster increase in value compared to other fiat currencies, transparency, and an individual can win big in a very short period. This blog discusses the best Esport cryptocurrency. Additionally, it highlights where to buy esport cryptocurrencies as well as assessing the popular Esport cryptocurrencies.

What is the best Esports cryptocurrency?

Esport cryptocurrency is rapidly gaining popularity with time. A recent study shows an increase of 4% in the total number of gamers using cryptocurrency. This comes as great news to gaming investors in the market capitalization sector. However, gamers should also be aware of fraud and the best types of esport cryptocurrency.

In this regard, the best esport cryptocurrencies should be easy to use and flexible to its users. In this way, individuals can play as much as they want, even in the lowest possible increments. The chances of winning should be equal regardless of the amount deposited by the player. Also, the withdrawal amount should not be limited to a specific period. One should be able to withdraw the winning amount at any time. This brings an amazing experience and a lot of value. However, the minimal deposited amount is set to provide standardization in the gaming quality.

Moreover, esports cryptocurrency betting provides versatility such that one can use it for varied reasons. For example, bitcoin does not only entail monetary value and payments. One can use it for other reasons, such as loyalty credits. In addition, Esport cryptocurrencies have a good encryption system. This feature makes it impossible for unauthorized users to tamper with them. Block chain technology is used to ensure the database is public, distributed, synchronized, and encrypted. In this case, transparency is assured, and interference is limited to zero.

The scalability of esport cryptocurrency is pivotal in making a robust cryptocurrency platform. Transactions processed per second must be confirmed quickly and effectively. Delays and time gaps should be contained if not eliminated. For cryptocurrencies to be useful and compete efficiently with other fiat currencies such as pay pal and visa, their peer-to-peer policies must possess very high transaction speeds.

In addition, using a decentralized, peer-to-peer platform raises the level of security. Cryptocurrency users believe that the value of their coin is immune to manipulation and corruption malpractices by any firm, individual, or government. This is because the system operates with a Proof-of-Work platform to achieve decentralization. In this system, players use personal computational power in problem-solving, allowing effective transactions.

Where to buy / Find Esports cryptocurrencies

Some esport cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, can be bought using U.S. dollars, while others require that you pay with bitcoins or another cryptocurrency. To purchase cryptocurrencies, an individual requires a wallet. A wallet is an online application that can store your currency. In general, one needs to create an account on an exchange then can transfer the finances to buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Etherum.

Furthermore, coin base is one of the popular cryptocurrency trading exchanges. In this mode of exchange, individuals create both a wallet and buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Also, a growing number of online brokers offer cryptocurrencies. They include e-tero, trade station, and Sofi Active Investing. The Robin-hood firm also offers free cryptocurrency trades called Robin-hood Crypto, which is available in most, but not all, U.S. states.

Esports cryptocurrencies are also available on online portal websites. These websites include:

Luck-box- On this website, every esport is supported. It offers fair chances to all its users. For this reason, the luck box is termed a powerful and dependable website. It covers a significant esport section and allows its users to use crypto whenever they want.

Sports bet- Allows players to bet up 100BTC. However, it does not support a lot of different payment methods. Players enjoy secrecy and mutual betting, but no bonuses are provided.

Arcane-bet – Arcane bet is a reliable website that gets the job done. Their focus is providing detailed and exemplary quality with fair distribution of chances.

Most popular Esports cryptocurrencies

New inventions in personal computers and mobile gaming have led to a significant rise in interest in cryptocurrency in the gaming industry. Through utilizing block chain and digital currencies, Esports crypto gaming is making waves on online gaming platforms and markets. In this regard, several Esports cryptocurrencies are being used by gamers around the globe for trading and personal experiences. Some of the most popular Esports cryptocurrencies include:

  • Bitcoin

It is the frequently used cryptocurrency in esports. This is because bitcoin is widely supported by most betting websites that have crypto support. On top of that, bitcoin has a good encryption system. Thus, no hacker can tamper with it. It also offers great transparency, for its performance is exhibited openly with no malpractices. Therefore, Bitcoin is recommended for new gamers who do not know what website is the right option for their esports betting.

  • Enjin (ENJ)

Enjin is an Etherum (ERC-20) token that has a decentralized policy. ENJ is a fast-growing Esport cryptocurrency that permits content creators and gamers to become virtual owners. Through the online game, individuals can trade their assets and grow their digital wallets with significant value as they play. In addition, Enjin offers a free and flexible policy that allows gamers to create, integrate, and improve gaming assets. Through its partnership with Microsoft, ENJ launched non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to allow players to set up servers and trade online.

  • Mobile Go

Mobile Go is a block chain-powered platform that operates with Etherum smart technology. Like ENJ, it has a decentralized platform that offers absolute control to the players without using mobile applications. MGO is used to purchase in-game products and upgrade games to their premium versions. Moreover, it is a smart token that facilitates competitive tournaments around the globe with millions of competitors.

  • Lite coin (LTC)

Lite coin is an esport cryptocurrency based on an open-source global payment network that is not monitored by any central authority. It has a faster block generation rate and uses Scrypt as evidence of its work scheme. In terms of market capitalization, LTC has branded itself as one of the best in the business. Moreover, it has improved its transaction speed without tampering with the transparency and security of the network.

  • Ripple

It is a block chain digital system that has its cryptocurrency, XRP.  Ripple uses a consensus mechanism to confirm transactions via the help of bank servers. In addition, it has a decentralized platform that operates on an open-source to allow seamless money transfer of any form.

  • Game credits.

Initially, it was developed as a digital currency in the gaming market. It provides a strong, secure, and robust platform to replace the current game buying options. Game credits are pivotal, especially for gamers with limited Block chain technology. This is because it provides a swift mode of exchange for the esports gaming industry. For gamers who wish to build NFTs, this is the recommended platform because it is user-friendly and allows the purchase of in-game content.

  • Decentraland

It runs the virtual world of games by utilizing Ethereum block chain. It permits players to generate 3D, which can be sold and displayed, but the object cannot be deleted. Decentraland also enables its users to create and sell objects virtually.

  • Loom

Loom is a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) network created to increase the game’s speed that runs the Ethereum platform. In this esport cryptocurrency, DPOS side chains allow scalable and user-facing delegated applications to run while being backed by the security of Ethereum. This currency is unique since it is used only on the gaming platform but not in the game itself. It mainly focuses on resolving scalability issues and improving the overall experience of the user.

  • Ethelbert (EBIT)

It is an esport cryptocurrency that is often used in gaming with no house edge. EBIT is a peer-to-peer Ethereum-based token dicing game that supports all major exchanges and wallets. This feature allows players to battle each other directly without the commission of a mediator.


At this expeditious pace, it is evident that the convergence of block chain technology and esport cryptocurrency will provide unlimited opportunities to its users, innovators, investors, and established players worldwide. Even if the current Bitcoin bull run doesn’t sustain, block chain and gaming is a segment that is worth keeping an eye on over the coming months and years. In conclusion, esports cryptocurrency is gaining momentum and expanding alarmingly. It is versatile, efficient, and effective to use. In addition, gaming with cryptocurrencies helps users increase their crypto.